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Is it Worth it to Grow Your Own Herbs?

The benefits having an herb garden cannot be understated. Herbs are versatile and beautiful – but is it worth it to grow your own herb garden at home? Even if you’ve never gardened before, or you think you have a green thumb, herbs are a great introduction into the world of gardening. Not only are herbs easy to work with, they are extremely useful!  

Whether you live in the mountains or on the beach, anyone can grow their own herb garden. 

One option is to keep each herb in its own pot, making it really easy to grow them anywhere. In this way, they are mobile, so the herbs that need more sun can sit outside during the day, while less hardy herbs can stay inside. When they’re planted in their separate herb containers, strategic placement around the house has them double as a natural home accent piece. Here are just a few of many reasons we think it’s definitely worth it to grow your own herbs. 

Herbs Can be Used Every Day

The most common use for herbs is in cooking; it’s easy, fun, and delicious. There’s nothing better than clipping off a few herbs to boost the flavor of any dish you’re making! Tossing fresh chives in your eggs in the morning kicks an omelet up a notch. Clipping fresh basil and draping the leaves over a tomato and mozzarella salad is truly divine! Snipping cilantro for a bowl of fresh guacamole adds a necessary kick. When you’re feeling more inspired, make a fresh pesto with your basil plant or an authentic Argentinian chimichurri, which goes great on meats, with the leaves from your parsley plant. Best of all, you know where your herbs are coming from – no more worrying about harmful pesticides or chemicals. 

An Herb Garden is Cost-Effective 

While herbs are available in grocery stores, it’s rare that a recipe calls for the entire bunch. Many beautiful new herbs end up wilting and dying in a refrigerator’s produce drawer; a sad and wasteful fate! When you have your own fresh herbs on hand, there’s no waste. Simply cut what you need, and leave the plant to continue to create more fresh herbs. 

No More Last-Minute Grocery Store Runs

Have you ever been ready to make dinner for the family only to realize you’re missing the one fresh herb it calls for? Some of us run to the store and grab it, while others leave it out altogether. With an herb garden on hand, you always have access to that little spark of flavor that makes the dish. You can usually substitute one herb for another and still have your recipe turn out great. Herbs add a savory flavor to dishes, boosting other ingredients. 

You Can Dry Herbs for Later Use 

If your herb garden is over-grown or you just want to keep your plants small, clip off the excess stems, tie them in a bunch, and hang them in your kitchen to dry. The great thing about dried herbs is that the flavor becomes concentrated, so you don’t have to use as much in your recipes. Plus, when you place your drying herbs strategically, they give your kitchen a fresh and cozy vibe. 

Herbs Make the House Look Pretty  

Speaking of home décor – parsley, basil, cilantro, chives, and other popular herbs look great around the house. Small plants can be lined up on the dining room table or along a window sill. Larger plants grace decks, patios, and porches, boosting curb appeal and creating a sanctuary for outdoor living. 

Herb Gardening is Therapeutic

Our favorite part of herb gardening is that it relieves stress and promotes a calm atmosphere. The smell of fresh herbs wafting through the air and the act of planting and growing food for your family is therapeutic and meditative.

With this many benefits, we believe it’s well worth the effort of having an herb garden. Ready to get started with your own? Our herb garden starter kits come with everything you need to start a small herb garden of chives, parsley, basil, and cilantro. Shop now. 

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