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The Joys of Herb Gardening

The Joys of Herb Gardening 

Ready to reap the many benefits of your own herb garden? Whether you think you have a green thumb or assume you don’t have the time, we want you to know that herb gardening is for everyone. You don’t even need a large space to experience the joys of growing your own herbs. 

If you’re a parent, herb gardening is great for the kids! They’ll learn all about plant science and multiple uses of herbs in the kitchen and home. In a fast-paced world, herb gardening helps to slow us down and appreciate the little things.

Here are just some of the joys of growing your own herbs. 

Herb Gardening Relieves Stress. 

Gardening in general can be a meditative experience. Being outside, listening to the bees, the birds, and the wind rustle through the leaves is calming and good for the soul. Even if you’re tending to your herb garden inside, getting your hands dirty and working with the earth and dirt is grounding. 

Herbs Are Great for Your Health 

Many herbs, including parsley, peppermint, oregano, basil, thyme, dill, chamomile, sage, cilantro, and rosemary have been shown to help prevent certain ailments, and they provide essential vitamins, like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. When used in cooking, herbs are a great replacement for salt if you’re trying to follow a low-sodium diet. Several fresh herbs also contain beneficial anti-oxidants; learn more about the many health benefits of herbs. 

Herb Gardens Brighten Up the Home

Delicate green leaves in all shapes and sizes, blooming flowers, and happy plants give your home a cheery and natural feel. Find a spot in the home with plenty of sun, and watch your herbs grow as they brighten up your home. Plants bring warmth and happiness to the house and they help boost our moods. 

Herb Gardens Make Your Home Smell Amazing

One of the best things about herbs is their intoxicating scent! Studies have shown that some of their natural scents can reduce stress and anxiety. When planted near an open window, the breeze carries the herbal aromas through the house. When gardening, you’re treating yourself to a relaxing aromatherapy session. 

Herbs Have Many Uses

We all know that herbs are widely used in cooking. Chop them up fresh to use in salads and endless dishes. Dry a bunch in your kitchen and save the dried herbs for later use; they look so pretty strung up in tidy bunches. Use your herbs in teas, create a fresh basil pesto, or cilantro chimichurri, and impress your family and friends! 

Herbs are great for DIY home projects as well, from making your own soap to helping you sleep. Check out these alternative uses for herbs and give your creations away as gifts! 

Herb Gardens Don’t Need a Large Space 

You won’t have to dedicate an entire part of your home or yard to your herb garden to enjoy all their benefits. A few potted herbs here and there is more than enough to get you started. Whether you live in a city apartment or a country cabin, there’s always room for another pot of herbs. 

From easing stress to enhancing recipes to creating a beautiful natural space, the joys of herb gardening are infinite. Some of our favorites are basil, cilantro, parsley, chives. If you’ve been wondering how to get started, we’ve created an easy way to dive in! The Savvy Spade Herb Gardening Kits come with everything you need to grow your own herb garden. Shop now. 


From stress-relief to aromatherapy to a delicious addition to any dish, the joys of herb gardening are endless. You don’t need a ton of space, and you don’t have to be a seasoned gardener to reap the benefits of your own herb garden. Learn more about the all the wonderful reasons to grow your own herbs. 

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