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About Us

Offering home-gardening kits is more than a business venture for Paige and Chris Homen, owners and founders of Savvy Spade. It’s a lifestyle. Living organic, environmentally-conscious lives has been a priority for the couple since they married over 30 years ago.
They live a sustainable and idyllic life on their 90-acre ranch in the country, growing their own organic, non-GMO food, sustaining their chickens with organic feed, and eliminating as many toxins as possible.
“Savvy Spade was born out of a true desire to share with the world the joys of home gardening. There’s something so satisfying about growing your own food. It tastes better, it’s less wasteful, and gardening itself has a meditative quality – something so many of us need right now,” says Paige.
The Homens’ entrepreneurial efforts are consistently focused on responsible consumerism. They are also the owners of Sleep Artisan, an eco-friendly pillow and bedding company. Their factory creates zero waste, and the products consist of the purest, high-quality ingredients.
Their values are based on the belief that everyone can benefit from growing their own food. The Savvy Spade gardening kits are a perfect introduction to home gardening. From the satisfying feeling of being self-sustainable to passing on an essential skill to our children, the Savvy Spade’s mission is to provide a product that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.
“We really just want to spread the joys and functionality of growing your own food,” explains Paige. “There are so many people who don’t think it’s possible, or that it’s an overwhelming endeavor to dive into. We’re here to tell them that it’s not. These kits have been designed to initiate even those without a ‘green thumb’ into the world of responsible, self-sustaining gardening.”
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